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The Magoebas Ultra Trail Series will implement a medical approach that firstly doesn't compromise on its participants health, secondly is backed up by scientific research and lastly that is of the highest standards.  

We know that exercise such as running has numerous health benefits to those that practice it. There will however always be a flip side to the coin. Endurance sports such as ultra trail running also comes with some health risks to participants. These risks are increased due to the environmental factors and remoteness of endurance trail running events. Therefore we are committed to do out utmost best to ensure the safe participation of each and every participant of the Magoebas Ultra Trail Series.

We are committed to working with the best qualified medical professionals to provide medical coverage during the events of the Magoebas Ultra Trail Series. We only work with professionals that have been trained to deal with medical emergencies in the outdoors and wilderness areas. Further we are also committed to improving the sport in the future by means of allowing research programmes to be conducted at our events. The more knowledge we can obtain about the sport we all love, the better we will be able to host races and ensure safe and fun participation.

We therefore have partnered up with the University  of Pretoria's Physiotherapy Department and PhD Candidate Carel Viljoen to assist us with pre-race medical screening and continued medical research to improve the sport as a whole.